The Stars

Not The Plan

This wasn't the plan. But life never seems to go by "the book" does it? Normally when you receive a biology degree or a finance degree your next thought isn't hmm, let's start selling outfits for toddlers now. A little introduction, I am co-owner of FKOT and my boyfriend (the other owner) has the finance degree. I on the other hand can tell you a lot about the human body. 


I personally never wanted an average job. When I was a child, jobs like president and doctors without borders sounded appealing. But post college, while working an average job you start to think. Well I do anyway. I want to do something to change the world. Period. Now what is it... 


I secretly started investigating non-profit job openings. I read a lot of mission statements but nothing was hitting home. Fast forward. My business partner and soulmate loves fashion. It is definitely something we bond over and it definitely comes in handy when I'm in the shopping mood. Wink. Together we have a large family, and recently there has been a surplus of young ones running around. We love it and plan to have many of our own... not yet. What was not loved was the clothing selection for them. It was virtually impossible to find outfits that we liked. There is only so many graphic tees and fuzzy onesies you can buy for a little one. 

You're Joking 

The look on everyone's faces when we told them we were opening a children's clothing company. Hey, good thing I'm not one to care what people think. What I do care about is children and together we came up with this wonderful concept of Future Kids of Tomorrow. Carefully we planned every aspect. I have a huge vision for the charity #loveFKOT. My goal is to reach millions of children and bless them with new clothing. Hey, a million sounds big but I've never believed the stars weren't reachable.