Who We Are


Our Mission:

To create a family of brands that empowers a child to express who they are as an individual.  In doing so, we hope to inspire children to reach there fullest potential and be the Future Kids of Tomorrow.


Our Story:

While shopping over the years for our nieces and nephews, we came to the conclusion that it was hard to find clothing that satisfied us post purchase. As adults, we have the freedom to express ourselves to be whomever we want with the clothing we wear. Therefore, we wanted to provide a collection to the masses with apparel that was similar to styles the world wears everyday with no bias to their age.  

Future Kids of Tomorrow is a children’s clothing collection that is tailored to providing fun and innovative apparel in order for each child to express his or her own style.  We carefully handpick each garment and strive to bring our customers the highest quality in order to create a sense of brand loyalty for years to come.


Our Vision: 

We believe all profits we receive are a gift given to us. In addition to providing fashion forward clothing, we will be donating a portion of our profits as our “gift” in return. 10% of all profits we receive will be used to bless underprivileged children with new clothing throughout the year. 



Children are the future. Let's show them hope, joy, and love.